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child and youth care centre

Thabang Children’s Project NPO is registered by the Department of Social Development Limpopo as a Child and Youth Care Centre according to the South African Child Care Act, Registration No. It provides residential care for children in need focusing on the growth and development of children and youth in different contexts such as the family and the community.

residential care

Residential Care: Klipgat A place of Safety for 32 children, boys and girls. Consolidated from the two sites into one location with the building of the girl’s house on the same location as the boys.

Drop-in centre smash block

Smash Block is an informal settlement close to Amandelbuit Mine with probably more than 20.000 people living more or less temporarily, seeking work at the mine. The Thabang Drop-In-Centre, registered by the Department of Social Development provides after-school-care in close cooperation with the only Primary School at Smash Block with 400 learners. At the Thabang Drop-In-Centre orphans and vulnerable children receive a daily hot meal, assistance with home work, play games and enjoy sportive actitivities plus basic health monitoring.

Youth integration

Thabang Children’s Project provides assistance to older children once they turn 18 years of age. This includes job seeking and finding a place to live.


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