Marimba band

Music for the Soul

Empowerment through Music

Almost all children at Thabang join the Marimba band. The instruments were donated by Kumba Iron Ore Mine in 2009 and this was the kick-off for the band. Children receive regular training on the instruments to develop their musical talent and to enjoy teaming together. Exposure on several occasions strenghens the children’s ambition to learn and join.
Hereby our children that often struggle with school can develop their talents in a very different field. This helps them to build up their self esteem and provides opportunities for feelings of success and achievement.
If possible children receive a small pocket money or a treat after giving a concert.
Instruments require thorough maintenance and Thabang regularly provides costumes for concerts. So we really appreciate your support for the Thabang Marimba Band.


We invite you to host an extraordinary experience with the Thabang children. The Thabang Marimba Band plays a variety of songs some of which are well known dancing songs. The band has performed on several occasions in Limpopo, Northwest and Gauteng: Christmas functions, weddings, birthdays and sport events or just in front of the local supermarket in Thabazimbi.
If you want to book the band please send us an initial inquiry to find out more about the Thabang Marimba Band. We will need detailed information (occasion, details of location, requested duration etc.) to start planning. See our contact details below.


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