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Thabazimbi – who would ever have heard of this place in the lonely north of South Africa? 200 kilometers north of Johannesburg, near the border with Botswana, lies the municipality and is part of the province of Limpopo. The community is named after the Sotho phrase “Thaba ya Tsipi”, which means mountains of iron and refers to the iron ore mines in the local mountains. Here, the Mernschen are looking for work at the mines and many live in informal settlements of corrugated ironworks, when they find nothing better. Children grow up in dire poverty and need help early because their parents can not take care of them. In the immediate vicinity there are the most beautiful wildlife farms and national parks. Here, Viveka Ansorge and Martin Schulte-Frohlinde moved with their daughter Marlene from Berlin in 2005,

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The first houses were built in 2005, the first children were taken in and the first employees were hired in the THABANG Children’s Project. Today, the project, led by South Africans Tessa and Cecil White, is a well-established component of social care in the region. As the “Child and Youth Care Center” registered by the Department of Social Development, it now looks after about 40 children and runs a social counseling center in the “Smash Block” corrugated iron housing estate. More than 30,000 people live there, and poverty, unemployment and HIV are widespread. THABANG currently supplies about 300 households there and about 45 children in the so-called drop-in center, an afternoon care service for schoolchildren.

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The THABANG Children’s Home Trust was founded in August 2004. The project’s first phase consisted of pioneering footwork in the informal settlement of Smash Block. Thanks to the initiative of THABANG a local day clinic was established, which works closely with the THABANG Community Care Centre till today.


Parallel to the development of the aid project we founded – a circle of friends in Berlin – a German association to support THABANG Children’s Project. For in the face of great hardship, violence and poverty, it is often difficult to provide things on the ground that go beyond eating, sleeping, attending school and the safety of children. We want to help ensure that not only “first aid” is provided. Together with the THABANG – Management Committee, we think about perspectives that help to improve living conditions in the longer term.

Very close
The non-profit Berliner Verein has been collecting money and ideas since 2005 to support the THABANG project Children’s Project – and thus the children in this part of South Africa. As the personal, direct exchange is very important to us, we are always active in the project on site, at cultural or ecology workshops, at sports field construction, in football training or fundraising. The Berliner Verein also offers young people from Europe the opportunity to gain experience in the project as part of an internship in South Africa. Club founder Viveka Ansorge travels to Thabazimbi once a year and visits the project.


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