THABANG Children’s Project is a South African private Non-Profit- and Welfare Organisation, that aims to meet the needs of children affected by HIV/Aids and Poverty.

It is located near Thabazimbi, Limpopo and runs two operational arms.

1. THABANG Community Care Centre in Smash Block, an informal settlement of about 17,500 people living in tin shacks without power or sewage. The centre runs a Drop in Centre, Orphan care and a community vegetable garden.

2. THABANG Child and Youth Care Centre:

  1. THABANG Children’s Place of Safety that accommodates up to 14 children that have no one to look after them: abandoned or abused babies, girls up to the age of 18 and boys up to the age of 10 years.
  2. THABANG Youth Centre that accommodates up to 18 boys, that committed poverty related crimes or suffer from lack of parental care, like street boys.

Underlying concept of THABANG is to assist children in a variety of ways by having two facilities. Prevention always comes prior to intervention. In practice that means, that destitute families or households are first counselled and supported, before an admission of children into residential care is considered.

Orphans are being supported by THABANG Community Care Centre in Smash Block. This is done by providing counseling and food to the people who look after the orphans. Currently about 65 orphans are being looked after.

THABANG Community Care Centre at Smash Block

Runs a Drop in centre that supports at least 43 children of varying ages and backgrounds from the informal settlement. the children are helped after school with their home work as well as lunch. The centre also helps the children with school uniform, stationery and other school nedds including lunch for the high school children. a remedial teacher assists the children on Saturdays, twice a week.

The Drop in Centre also helps the orphans and vulnerable children from the community by providing food parcels (when available) and home visits to ensure that the children are living in a healthy environment and that their guardians are healthy. Where necessary the centre will intervene and refer the child to the Department of Social Development through the Thabang Social Worker.

Thabang Child & Youth Care Centre:

THABANG Children’s Place of Safety and Youth Centre is a safe haven on a farm for orphans and destitute children. Schooling and health care is provided as well as counselling to the guardians or extended family.

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